Natalee Holloway’s dad defends documentary after ex-wife files $35 million suit calling it fake

The father of a woman missing for more than a decade is facing backlash from his ex-wife over a documentary he participated in last year.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Beth Holloway filed a federal lawsuit seeking at least $35 million in damages from the producers of “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway,” the six-part series about her daughter.

She claimed the series, which starred ex-husband Dave Holloway, was completely faked and served to give her and the audience a false impression that new information about her daughter’s case had been unearthed.

According to the suit, which names both the production company, Brian Graden Media, and network, Oxygen Media, behind the series, the program presented bone fragments as the missing woman’s possible remains despite prior knowledge that the evidence was not related.

Beth Holloway said she spent “agonizing weeks” cooperating with requests only to be “completely and utterly destroyed” when no additional information surfaced.

While Dave Holloway is not mentioned in his ex-wife’s suit, he nevertheless spoke out recently in defense of the documentary and his involvement in it, which included traveling with a private investigator to Aruba for an extended period of time to research clues.

As Fox News reported, he released a statement commending the work of those behind the miniseries and insisting that any parent in his position would have jumped at the opportunity.

“I am proud of the work and depiction of the show, and even though it wasn’t the outcome we had all hoped for, I am glad the world was able to get an inside look of what any father would do if there was even the slightest chance of finding his missing child,” he said.

Oxygen Media also defended the program in a statement to Fox News.

“The documentary series was developed by a production company in close collaboration with Dave Holloway and his long-time private investigator,” the statement read in part. “The show followed his continued search to find answers about his daughter Natalee from a lead he had received. We had hoped, along with Mr. Holloway, that the information was going to provide closure.”

Natalee Holloway disappeared at the age of 18 in Aruba during a 2005 senior class trip. A judge declared her dead in 2012.

[Featured image: Dave Holloway/YouTube screenshot]