Casey Anthony: ‘Tot Mom’s’ former roommates open up about discovering Caylee was missing

Casey Anthony, often called “the most hated Mom in America,” lived with two former roommates during the days leading up to, and after, her daughter disappeared in 2008. Both roommates appear on Tuesday’s “Dr. Oz” episode, where they provide intimate details on what life was like with Anthony during those crucial days leading up to her child’s disappearance.

Clint House and Nathan Lezniewicz, who lived with Anthony in 2008, told Dr. Oz that they were shocked to learn that toddler Caylee Anthony was missing for 30 days before they found out., since her mother, Casey Anthony, never let on that Caylee had been missing

“When Orange County told us that, I remember that specifically when the police came over and wanted to search our apartment real quick and when we asked them ‘ok what is the gravity of the situation right now, like what exactly is going on?’” Lezniewicz. “And the officers looked at us and said, ‘We do not know where Caylee is and apparently she’s been missing for 30 days,’ and I mean my heart sank. I’m thinking, wait, 30 days? What do you mean 30 days?”

“This isn’t something that’s just happening…nothings been wrong. She’s been over here,” Lezniewicz continued Nothing’s been wrong. Yes, Caylee hasn’t been here but we thought with the nanny or with the grandparents and now it’s…”

Dr. Oz : “It’s like a punch in the gut.”

Lezniewicz,: “Yes.” 

House: “Yes. It was it was…It was a punch in the gut.”

The full interview airs on Tuesday on “Dr. Oz” on ABC.

[Featured Photo: Caylee Anthony/Handout]