WATCH: ‘Bachelor’ contestant reveals why her mother reported her missing

A young woman who was on a missing persons list when she appeared on the ABC reality series The Bachelor has explained why her family reported her missing.

Bekah Martinez, 22, was recently eliminated from the reality dating competition show and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night. During the show, Kimmel asked her how she had managed to land on a missing persons list while she was filming one of the highest-profile reality series in the world.

Martinez, who works as a nanny in Northern California, explained to Kimmel that when she was reported missing she had already been eliminated from The Bachelor.

“First of all, a lot of people thought I lied to my mother saying that I was on a farm when I was actually on The Bachelor but no I had already been eliminated from the show,” she told Kimmel.

After she was cut from the show, Martinez says she went to the mountains with her friends, and unexpectedly didn’t have cell phone service.

“I just had this weird feeling like on the sixth or seventh day, I need to go home now. So I got in my car, drove to where I had service, called my parents and then come to find out only 12 hours before my mother had called the Humboldt [County] Sheriff’s Department saying that I was missing,” she added.

When pressed about reports that she had been working at a marijuana farm, Martinez attempted to sidestep the question, before admitting that some of her friends own a marijuana farm.

“To set the record straight I’m not a weed farmer. I’m still a nanny in L.A.,” Bekah told Kimmel.

Glad we’ve cleared that all up.



[Featured image: Rebekah Martinez/State of California Department of Justice]