Prominent Beverly Hills dentist strangled his own mother for “financial gain”: Investigators

Authorities in California say a prominent dentist was responsible for his mother’s death last year.

Daniel Yacobi is known publicly for his Beverly Hills dental practice and celebrity patients, but police believe that his private desire for money led him to strangle Violet Yacobi at her home in October.

According to KABC, the 36-year-old was identified as a suspect through months of investigative work aided by some high-tech tools. That work began on Oct. 10, the night Violet Yacobi was found dead.

It was reportedly Daniel Yacboi and his sister who found their mother unresponsive in the Beverly Hills mansion.

“A homicide investigation was initiated that same night, and as they began to work through their investigation and talk to witnesses and uncover some evidence,” said Beverly Hills Police Lt. Elisabeth Albanese.

She went on to indicate that the evidence points to her son as a killer fueled by greed.

“The crime was committed with the motivation of financial gain, and certainly that’s very disturbing in this situatio” Albanese said.

As the Daily Mail reported, the victim’s son put on a much different front publicly with a social media post last month on what would have been her 68th birthday.

“She was an amazing mom who wanted nothing more than to see her children andher loved ones happy around her and would do all in her power to achieve it,” he wrote.

Daniel Yacobi was arrested earlier this week and held in jail without bond pending an arraignment.

[Featured image: Daniel Yacobi and Violet Yacobi/Facebook]