Newborn baby found dead inside playground trashcan, with his umbilical cord still attached: Police

A New York man made a shocking discovery on Saturday when he found a deceased newborn boy inside a trashcan in Astoria, Queens, with his umbilical cord still attached.

WABC7 reports that Devon Davis was walking past the Dutch Kills Playground near 36th Ave. and Crescent St. in Astoria noticed a foul smell emanating from a trashcan. Him and a friend peeked into the trashcan and spotted the newborn wrapped in a yellow plastic bag, the immediately contact the police.

“I went in, I saw the baby right there,” Davis said. “[My friend] had to use a stick to, like, take off the bag handle from its face because I couldn’t tell if it was still breathing or if it was dead or anything like that…..It’s just really messed up, and really foul. It’s just something I really didn’t want to see. Having to see kids like that and seeing babies left like that. It’s just wrong.”

So far, there are little details as detectives to continue to comb through for any potential clues left at the scene. Authorities reported that the baby appeared to have been deceased for around two weeks.

Authorities took the infant to the NYC Health + Hospitals in Elmhurst. A Medical Examiner is in the process of determining the baby’s cause of death.

No arrests have been made, but detectives are still actively investigating. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]