[VIDEO] Road rage move backfires when driver’s SUV flips over: Cops

State police in California say two motorists were involved in an aggressive encounter fueled by road rage before one of the men lost control of his SUV, which rolled and came to a crash landing along the side of Route 78 in Oceanside.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol, and the entire ordeal was captured on video by someone in another vehicle behind them on the road.

Authorities had not yet determined what sparked the high-speed altercation as of the latest updates available.

As KSWB reports, Dallas Montanez, the woman who shared the video on social media, has her own theories.

“Because the other car that flipped over, he wouldn’t let him over, so I think he got mad at that so I think that’s what caused it because he even went in front of me all fast and he was going pretty fast for traffic,” she said.

When traffic stopped, one driver exited his car, a small BMW, to confront the driver of the other vehicle, a larger SUV, and allegedly spit on him.

Following that short encounter, the SUV can be seen in the video driving slowly into the BMW, resulting in the larger vehicle flipping onto its side.

The BMW reportedly left the scene. Neither men suffered injuries, but both are expected to face charges of assault.

Reports indicate Kevin McCall, the driver of the BMW, will likely face a misdemeanor count of assault while Andrew Branch, the SUV driver, is expected to be charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Branch was reportedly arrested and booked into the Vista Detention Facility.

[Featured image: Video screenshots]