Caught on camera: Woman reportedly defecates THREE TIMES in the middle of cul-de-sac, says she’s lactose intolerant

A Connecticut woman is behind bars after police say she was caught on surveillance camera defecating on three different occasions on a culdesac.

FOX News reports that Holly Malone, 43, allegedly told police that she defecated in the street because she “couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time.” Surveillance footage captured Malone squatting on a cul-de-sac in an East Grandby neighborhood on at least three occasions.

The first alleged incident occurred on November 7, when the suspect defecated on Kirkstone Drive. Neighbors reported finding feces and toilet paper in the street. Police investigated and determined that it was human feces.

The suspected street pooper squatted again on November 16, reportedly leaving her feces in the same area. After the second occurrence, authorities installed a surveillance camera, which caught Malone’s car driving by on December 5, later leaving a pile of feces in the cul-de-sac.

When faced with the evidence, Malone allegedly admitted she indeed defecated in the street, then said she was lactose intolerant and couldn’t make it to a restroom in time after eating dairy products. She reportedly apologized for her actions.

Malone is facing one charge of breach of peace and another charge of creating a hazardous condition. She was released on bond but scheduled to back in court on March 5.

[Feature Photo: Holly Malone/Police Handout]