REVEALED: ‘Dad’ sexually assaults young daughters, chains son to wall and forces him to eat feces in sickening ‘ritualized abuse’

An Idaho faces life in prison after a Bonner County jury found him guilty on Thursday of numerous sexual and ritual abuses charges.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports that Dana Andrew Furtney, 49, of Sandpoint, used his religious beliefs to cause extreme mental and physical anguish on his family. According to court documents, between 2009 to 2013, Furtney abused his entire family in a home close to Priest River, while referring to it as ritualized discipline.

Furtney not only fondled his daughters’ breasts and genitals, but he also made his son eat dog feces while chained inside a tunnel. He later chained the boy to an outhouse wall and left him there for a week.

Furtney’s estranged wife took the stand on Thursday and testified that her husband ordered the children to physically abuse her. She said that Furtney assaulted her with a sex toy and told her it was “discipline.”

The convict took the stand to testify on his own behalf, despite his defense team’s advice. He defended his actions by saying his wife made the decisions with him and that he never touched his children in a sexual way. He admitted to giving his daughters’ massages but said it wasn’t for any type of sexual gratification. He also admitted it was his decision to make his son eat feces.

Deputy Public Defender Susie Jensen, who represented Furtney, argued that her client used discipline on his family, not abuse.

“This was discipline. The state has failed to prove that element.”

Regardless, it took the jury two hours to find Furtney guilty of ritualized abuse, felony domestic violence, and sexual abuse of a child. He’s scheduled to return to court for sentencing on May 7. He faces possible life in prison.

[Feature Photo: Dana Furtney/Bonner County Sheriff’s Office]