WARNING: If you spot a plastic bottle with aluminum foil inside it, walk away quickly and call 911 – it could be a bomb

A prank has resurfaced recently that has the potential to cause serious injury. If you notice a plastic bottle with a aluminum foil inside it, do not pick it up. Move away from it immediately and contact police.

The dangerous prank involves placing aluminum foil and Drano inside a plastic bottle, which is then sealed with a cap and placed in unsuspecting people’s yards. While thinking it’s trash in the yard, people may pick up the bottle to throw it away, but experts warning that this is extremely dangerous. When Drano is mixed with the aluminum foil, it releases heat and gas which causes the bottle to explode.

iHeart Radio reports that kids are not only putting the dangerous concoction only in yards, but inside mailboxes as well. They’re also throwing the bottles or setting them up to explode as an unsuspecting person walks by. The explosion isn’t a extremely strong one but, but it can cause pain, burns, and in extreme cases, blindness.

The prank is nothing new. It’s been around for years, with one instance in which a Gatorade bottle was found under an elementary school play structure in Oregon. Yet, it’s making its way back around again, thanks to YouTube users uploading videos on “how to make a drain cleaner bomb” or “how to make a Draino [sic] bomb.”

In 2008, a California woman who was picking up litter along a damn in Santa Anna at Howarth Park picked up a bottle that exploded on her, according to The Press Democrat. The explosion left her with a broken finger and cuts to her mouth, face, neck, and right hand. Fortunately, the victim looked over at her dog at the moment she picked up the bottle, which, according to her husband, may have saved her from going blind.

Contact 911 immediately if you come across a plastic bottle with foil inside, and be sure to inform neighbors and friends to never pick these bottles up.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]