Husband of woman with internet double life hit her over the head with a bottle of liquor: Police

The husband accused of murdering his wife in Alabama last month after a night of drinking allegedly killed her with a bottle of absinthe.

Court records obtained by accuse William Jeff West of killing his wife Kathleen “Kat” West on January 12 by bludgeoning her in the head with a bottle of Lucid brand absinthe.

The arrest warrant reportedly states that Jeff West hit his wife “with the intent to cause the death of another person…caused the death of Kathleen Dawn West.”

The new report reveals more detail about the alleged murder. The witness who found Kat West outside her Calera home in the early hours of January 13 , a 19-year-old neighbor on their way to work at fast-food restaurant, spoke to As previously reported, Kat was wearing only a sports bra. The witness reportedly told investigators that a cell phone with a green bottle on top of it was near the dead body, and that the items appear to have staged, though it is unclear why.

“It was so early,” she said. “I was scared and I started crying. I was upset for a long time after that.”

The police records do not indicate whether investigators believe the 42-year-old mother died inside or outside the home.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the deceased woman was an online exhibitionist who sold racy photos of herself on the internet using an online persona “Kitty Kat West.” From the start, there was no indication that her online activities had anything to do with her death. When authorities announced Jeff West’s arrest on Thursday they said that he had been a suspect since his wife was found dead.

The couple is believed to have been seen on surveillance video at a liquor store on Friday, January 12, just hours before West is accused of murdering his wife.


[Feature image: Kat West/Facebook]