Japanese police find missing woman’s head in American sightseer’s suitcase: Reports

An American man is under investigation in Japan related to his suspected role in the disappearance of a woman reported missing earlier this month.

Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of abducting the 27-year-old woman.

Police say they made a grisly discovery two days later in the Osaka apartment where he allegedly brought her after the kidnapping.

According to authorities, they found a woman’s head, though her identity had not been confirmed as of the latest reports available.

The Daily Mail indicates the head was found inside of a suitcase.

Additional evidence being reported by Japanese news outlets includes surveillance footage showing the woman near the apartment building. She met a man police believe was the suspect.

Though she was not seen on video again, the man was spotted entering and leaving the apartment multiple times by himself while carrying a large bag.

According to The Asahi Shimbun, the missing woman was reportedly last seen on Feb. 15. A friend recalled that she was preparing to meet in person a man she recently met online.

Reports indicate Bayraktar has refused to answer questions from investigators, but has denied the accusations against him.

He traveled from his home in New York to Japan last month, where he claimed to have planned a sightseeing trip. Such a short-term visit did not require him to obtain a visa.

Days before the woman’s disappearance, he reportedly moved into a room in Osaka with plans to stay there for about a week.

The area in which the apartment was located is known for inexpensive housing, which another American staying in the complex told reporters was his primary motive in renting a unit there.

[Featured image: Pixabay]