Wednesday Crime Stories: ‘Dentist to the Stars’ strangles mom dead?

PLUS: Serial killer copycats Stephen King horror story?

Instead of working on celebrity smiles, Los Angeles dentist Daniel Yocobi is sitting in jail on a charge of murdering his wealthy mom for her insurance money. Nancy Grace explores the murder of Violet Yocobi, the grandmother found strangled to death in her Beverly Hills mansion. forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, forensics expert Karen Smith, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Pamela Furr join Grace.

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Bruce McArthur was known for years by his landscaping clients as a hardworking and thoughtful man, but investigators now accuse the 66-year-old Canadian of killing at least six men and hiding body parts in planters scattered in yards across Toronto. It’s a case compared to a Stephen King murder mystery.

Nancy Grace digs into it with lawyer & psychologist Dr. Brian Russell — host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows” series, death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan, medical examiner Dr. William Morrone, and “Crime Stories” contributing reporter John Lemley.

Serial killing landscaper kills six men, buries remains in planters left on clients’ property: Cops

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[Feature Photo: Daniel Yacobi and Violet Yacobi/Facebook]