Nikolas Cruz waives his right to administer late mother’s will, grants permission to woman he accused of trying to steal his money

Nikolas Cruz has waived his right to serve as the executor of his late mother’s will, a hearing set for Thursday in Florida to determine if Florida school shooting suspect will receive an $800,000 inheritance from his mother’s estate was cancelled, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

According to the report, Cruz waived his right to represent the estate and signed over co-executor rights to his brother Zachary Cruz, 18, and Rocxanne Deschamps, a family friend and former neighbor who briefly took Nikolas in after his mother Lynda Cruz died on November 1. That arrangement was short-lived, and does not appear to have ended amicably.

In the court filings, Cruz maintained a 50% interest in the estate.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Cruz told Kim and James Snead, a couple he lived with after he left Deschamp’s home, that he would be entitled to the six-figure inheritance when he turned 22. Cruz and Deschamps reportedly clashed over his enthusiasm for guns, and argued to the point of police involvement. Cruz then went to live with the Sneads, parents of a friend. He reportedly told them he feared that Deschamps was trying to access the money that was coming to him.

The suspected gunman, who reportedly confessed to the deadly massacre after he was arrested on February 14, was determined to be indigent and assigned a public defender as he faces 17 murder charges. But a future inheritance could mean that he is no longer entitled to free legal counsel. Thursday’s hearing was reportedly scheduled at the request of Broward County’s public defender.

A sign on the door of the courtroom stated that the hearing been cancelled at an attorney’s request, but it is unclear which attorney.

Cruz reportedly tried to access the inheritance two months before the deadly massacre, and hired a private attorney at that time. A judge has allowed that attorney, Audra Simovitch, to meet with Cruz regarding that case while he is in custody facing murder charges.

The suspect’s brother Zachary Cruz is believed to still be living with Deschamps, though he was briefly involuntarily hospitalized the day after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


[Feature image: Nikolas Cruz/Associated Press]