‘She actually looked mad at me’: Mom describes nanny’s demeanor before allegedly stabbing two kids to death

A grieving mother had an opportunity this week to confront the woman accused of fatally stabbing her two children.

As the New York Post reported, Marina Krim was escorted out of the Manhattan Supreme Court building Friday for screaming at Yoselyn Ortega.

The former nanny is on trial for murdering 2-year-old Leo Krim and 6-year-old Lucia Krim and leaving their bodies in a bathtub of their home to be found by their mother, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Ortega allegedly waited until Krim arrived at the Manhattan residence before slitting her own throat in front of the distraught mother.

“You’re evil and you love this!” Krim yelled at the defendant this week as she walked by the defense table after providing her courtroom testimony. “You like this!”

The outburst was not her first in a trial that began this week, more than five years after her children died.

On the witness stand Friday, she let loose on a defense attorney during a round of questioning.

“You’re fishing and she’s a liar!” Krim said of the lawyer and Ortega. “They’re liars!”

Reports indicate Judge Gregory Carro instructed the jury to disregard her exclamation.

Friday was the mother’s second consecutive day of testimony in her former nanny’s trial. She recalled that Ortega appeared to be “going through a rough period” in the days leading up to the homicides.

Shortly before the young children were stabbed, Krim said Ortega responded coldly after hearing that her employer had lost her unborn child.

“When I told her I had a miscarriage, she didn’t say anything,” the mother testified. “She didn’t give me a hug. She gave me no emotion at all. She actually looked mad at me that I had a miscarriage.”

[Featured image: Leo Krim and Lucia Krim/Associated Press]