Registered sex offender kills fiancée’s sister during rough sex at hotel: Prosecutors

A registered sex offender has reportedly admitted to killing his fiancée’s sister during what appears to be a violent sex act.

ABC News 13 reports that Jason Farmer, 34, was arrested for the murder of of Angela Montante, the sister of the woman he was engaged to marry. Farmer and Montante were reportedly at the America’s Inn and Suites outside of Beechnut, Texas, when Montante died following a sex act involving choking. But Montante is accused of waiting a day or more to call police.

Although authorities have not revealed Montante’s exact cause of death, Farmer reportedly told investigators that he choked her during sex. When she panicked, he reportedly stopped, but she had stopped moving and went limp. The pair checked in on Thursday but Farmer did not surrender to police until Friday night.

Authorities reportedly arrived to the hotel room to find Farmer there with Montante’s body wrapped in a blanket.

The suspect is reportedly a registered sex offender, and has two previous felonies. He is being held without bond.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.



[Feature image: ABC News 13 video screenshot]