Spice Girl Mel B claims ex-husband made kids watch ISIS beheading videos, called daughter ‘retarded’ and ate her school lunches

Mel B has accused her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of tormenting her children in a court filing to block his visitation rights to her biological daughter with Eddie Murphy.

According to Page Six, Belafonte has argued for visitation rights with Mel B’s 10-year-old daughter Angel, who he claims he raised in the absence of Murphy, her biological father. Murphy reportedly denied that he was Angel’s father until a DNA test proved the he was.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Mel B claims that Belafonte has used their biological daughter together, Madison, to gain access to Angel; he allegedly gave his daughter a teddy bear with his phone number written on a note inside to pass to Angel. The former member of Spice Girls also insisted that Belafonte did not have previously have a strong relationship with Angel and that he confused details about her with his own daughter.

Additionally, Mel B claimed that Belafonte had interfered with attempts to establish a relationship between Angel and Murphy by sending Murphy’s assistant text messages, of unknown content, about a scheduled meeting between the father and daughter.

“As a result of Stephen’s actions, Angel’s father canceled the visitation and did not want to have any interactions with Stephen … [Belafonte’s] childish action only sought to delay Angel’s unification with her biological father,” the court filing claims.

It further claims that Belafonte traumatized his children by showing them a video of an ISIS beheading, an allegation corroborated by Mel B’s eldest child, 19-year-old Phoenix, who wrote a declaration that Belafonte “got us all to watch men being beheaded with chainsaws by ISIS.”

Phoenix’s declaration also accused Belafonte of calling her “retarded” and said that he would frequently steal an eat half of the lunch Phoenix’s mother prepared for her to bring to school, leaving her without enough to eat.

Mel B claimed that Angel said she was frightened by the videos Belfaonte showed her.

The couple finalized their contentious divorce in December 2017.



[Feature image: Stephen Belafonte and Mel B/Associated Press]