Gunman behind Texas football party mass shooting was extremely drunk, bar under investigation

The man who shot and killed eight people at his estranged wife’s home in Plano, Texas, in September was excessively drunk at the time of the mass murder.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Spencer Hight, 32, is believed to have killed his estranged wife, 27-year-old Meredith Hight and seven of her friends while she was hosting a football watch party. A responding officer shot and killed the shooting suspect, who was reportedly still shooting when police arrived.

According to Fox 4 News, a medical examination found that Hight had a blood-alcohol level of .33, more than four times the legal limit for intoxication, and a level that is likely to cause a person to lose consciousness.

Meredith Hight reportedly filed for divorce from her husband in part because of problems with alcohol. Spencer had been at a bar before the shooting, and cause concern among staff there because he had a gun and a knife in the bar. An employee called police and two employees briefly followed the suspect by car before he went inside his estranged wife’s home. By the time police arrived, the suspect had already begun shooting.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is reportedly investigating to determine how much, if any, alcohol the bar served Hight before he killed his ex-wife and friends. The eight other victims are Darryl William Hawkins, 22; Olivia Deffner, 24; Rion Morgan, 31; James Dunlop, 29; Myah Bass, 28; Caleb Edwards, 25; and Anthony Cross, 33.

The shooting was the deadliest in the state’s history until November, when a gunman opened fire at a church in Sutherland Springs, killing 26 people.


[Feature image: Meredith and Spencer Hight/Instagram]