Wednesday Crime Stories: Woman murders three separate infants for ‘constantly crying’

PLUS: Missouri Governor sex scandal a crime?

A woman who confessed to killing three babies, including her own infant son, three decades ago blames the babies for crying too much. Nancy Moronez told detectives that she “can’t take kids that constantly cry.” Medical examiners concluded in the 1980s that the two boys and a girl died from SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but their cases were reopened after the daughter of Moronez told police that her mother confessed to her that she suffocated her older brother.

Babysitter admits murdering her son, 2 other infants more than 30 years after deaths were blamed on SIDS: Cops

Nancy Grace looks at this case with Chicago psychologist Dr. Tiffany Sanders, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Scott Kimbler.

‘This picture will be everywhere’: Cheating governor accused of blackmailing mistress with S&M photo: Report

Missouri’s governor faces a possible impeachment trial amid accusations by a woman that he tried to blackmail her with nude photos after they engaged in an extra-marital affair. Gov. Eric Greitens has refused to resign because of the sex scandal. Grace debates the case with Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Pamela Furr,

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[Featured image:Nancy Moronez/Milwaukee County Jail]