Friday Crime Stories: Natalie Finn parents brought to justice for starving, torturing, killing teen daughter

Natalie Finn weighed just 81 pounds when she died of cardiac arrest in October 2016. The 16-year-old and her two adopted siblings were locked in a small room in a Des Moines home while they were subjected to unimaginable torture and neglect. The mother Nicole Finn has been convicted of kidnapping and murder and the adoptive dad Joseph Finn is set to enter a guilty plea on March 21.

Nancy Grace explores the case against their parents who starved the teen daughter to death. She is joined by forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, juvenile Judge Ashley Willcott, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, and Crime Stories contributing reporter John Lemley.

Photos reveal horrific abuse of teen Natalie Finn and siblings as mother sentenced for daughter’s starvation death

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[Feature Photo: Facebook/Natalie Finn]