Publisher of infamous ‘If I Did It’ book says lawyers called to tell her ‘OJ was ready to confess’

Bombshell accusations continue to leak ahead of the planned airing of an upcoming Fox special focusing on O.J. Simpson’s notorious book about and alleged confession to the 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her friend.

According to an exclusive outtake clip from “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” obtained by TMZ, the publisher of his book “If I Did It” viewed his involvement in the project as a confession to the violent crimes.

She said that perspective came early on in the process with a phone call from Simpson’s attorney.

“I received a phone call from an attorney who said that O.J. was ready to confess,” said Judith Regan. “And, actually, I thought it was some kind of a scam and didn’t believe him.”

Nevertheless, she said she followed up on the lead.

“I thought this guy was a lunatic, but I took his number and said I’d call him back,” Regan said. “The next day, I called him back and he said he was willing to do it.”

There were very few requirements outside of a slight but significant modification to a strictly confessional title.

“The only condition he had was that he didn’t want to call the book ‘I Did It,'” she said. “He wanted to put an ‘If’ in front of it so he would have deniability with his children. He couldn’t face his children and he couldn’t tell them he had done it.”

She said that from the “way it was portrayed” to her, the accommodation in the title “was his only condition.”

Regan’s firsthand account is one of several expected revelations planned for the special set to air Sunday evening.

[Featured image: Judith Regan/video screenshot]