‘She’s living a movie, she’s re-writing her story’: ‘House of Horrors’ Turpin parents speak from jail

David and Louise Turpin, the “house of horrors” parents accused of neglecting and abusing their 13 children inside their California home, are behind bars faces numerous felony charges. Louise Turpin’s sister and cousin visited the pair in jail, and in an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz, explain how it felt to come face-to-face with the couple accused of atrocious crimes.

Elizabeth Flores, Louise’s sister, only wanted to visit her sister. Yet, she ended up seeing David as well, a man she said walked in on her several times in the shower when she once briefly stayed with the Turpin family when she was 19. She explained to “The Dr. Oz Show’s” crime correspondent, Melissa Moore, that she felt bad when her sister asked her to visit with David, who apparently gets no visitors.

Flores: “This is not something I wanted to do.”

Moore: “Why are you doing this today?”

Flores: “For my sister, she asked me if I would go.”

Moore: “That seems like a big request knowing your history with David.”

Flores: “She’s not thinking about what I’ve been through with him. I asked her why she asked me to go visit him and she said it was because she felt sorry for him and that he had no visitors.”

Moore: “She puts his concern over your concern?”

Flores: “Yes.”

Moore: “If you could say anything to him, what would you say to him?”

Flores: “I really would love to tell him that I know what he’s done to other family members.”

Along with Flores, Louise’s cousin, Tricia Andreassen, visited the pair behind bars. Prior to going in, both women explained that they expected to see “evil” lurking behind David Turpin’s eyes. While Andreassen referred to him as a sadistic puppet master, Flores said that he was evil well before he met her sister.

The pair later touch on what it was like to visit Louise Turpin behind bars. Flores indicated that her sister is living in a fantasy world and rewriting her own “movie.”

“It was, like, when I looked in her eyes, she was crying at first, like she was so happy to see us. She was crying saying, I’m so happy you’re here. But, when her eyes cleared up, they were clear. They were sparkly. As I was talking to her, I realized that it’s all fantasy. She’s living a movie. She’s writing her own story. She’s re-writing her story. Almost like she was so into Disneyland and stuff, I think even things that came up in her childhood.”

Flores said Louise Turpin never once asked about her children.

Watch the full show Dr. Oz show, “True Crime: House Of Horrors: Parents of The Tortured 13 Kids Speak Out From Jail Exclusive,” on Monday, March 12. Check your local listings for air times.

[Feature Photo: David and Louise Turpin/Riverside County Sheriff’s Department]