Brother of veterans home shooter claims he overreacted to gripes after returning from Afghanistan

New details and allegations continue to emerge about the gunman behind a lengthy standoff Friday at a California veterans facility that ended with four deaths, including his own.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, three employees of Pathway Home, a treatment center on the campus of the Veterans Home of California at Yountville, were killed after the gunman entered during an office party and initiated an hours-long hostage situation last week.

The shooter has since been identified as Albert Wong, a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who had recently received treatment at the facility.

According to Fox News, Wong’s brother through adoption has spoken out about his alleged pattern of overreacting to minor or perceived slights.

Tyrone Lampkin said petty issues often became major grievances for his younger brother in the years since his tour in Afghanistan.

Though he had not seen Wong in person for several years, he said the two kept in contact through phone calls, which he claimed revealed some troubling signs.

Wong’s general demeanor changed in the after his military service concluded, Lampkin claimed, describing an irrational obsession to issues like small debts and similarly insignificant complaints.

In addition to what he saw as signs of an apparent personality shift, Lampkin said he had heard his brother stopped taking his prescribed medication and had increased his consumption of alcohol, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

“Albert was a good person, he really was a good person,” he said. “I heard he stopped taking his meds and started drinking a lot … He never told me, he never told me.”

[Featured image: Associated Press]