Elderly woman accused of hiring 2 previous hit men now charged with hiring a third to kill witness, attorney: Prosecutor

Authorities in Utah claim a 70-year-old woman is facing allegations of trying to hire a hit man while facing charges of hiring men to carry out two previous murder plots.

As KSL reported, Linda Tracy Gillman was charged last year for her attempt to convince an employee and tenant to kill her ex-husband, Duane Gillman.

Months later, while in jail pending her trial, she faced similar charges for an alleged plot to hire another inmate to kill the man who alerted police.

While those charges were dropped because of a problematic witness, police alleged that Gillman told the would-be killer that if the man “ended up dead or disappearing,” she would “walk out of here a free woman.”

A trial resulting from the original charges concluded last week when the defendant was convicted of a first-degree felony count of criminal solicitation. The court case also revealed an astounding third allegation that the elderly woman attempted to hire someone to kill a personal enemy.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill remarked that he has “never seen anything like it.”

The latest charges were also announced Friday and include two additional counts of criminal solicitation and two second-degree felony counts of obstructing justice.

According to the district attorney’s office statement, Gillman allegedly contacted a third individual as recently as a few weeks ago in an attempt to have both a key witness in her recent trial and an attorney killed.

The charges for which she was found guilty last week involved a plot to mimic a fatal drug overdose.

Prosecutors said Linda Gillman paid $5,000 to the would-be killer with a promise of $100,000 after Duane Gillman’s life insurance policy had been redeemed.

[Featured image: Linda Gillman/Salt Lake County Jail]