‘A life for a life’: Man claims he accidentally killed Tinder date during sexual fantasy game, offers to die for his crime

A Nebraska man claims he accidentally suffocated a woman he met through an online dating app, and has offered to sacrifice his own life to avenge her death.

Aubrey Trail, 53, reportedly told the Omaha World-Herald in a February 5 phone call from prison that Sydney Loofe, 24, died on November 15, 2017 with “something” around her neck while participating in a sexual fantasy game involving Trail and several other women.

“It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not,” he told the paper. “It wasn’t meant that she was to die.”

According to a report in People magazine, no charges have been brought in the case despite Trail’s jailhouse confessions to authorities and reporters. He and his female roommate Bailey Boswell, 23, are considered persons of interest in Loofe’s death and remain in police custody on unrelated charges.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Loofe initially connected with Boswell on Tinder, and the women went on two dates together. Boswell and Trail made a Facebook video about Loofe’s disappearance in late November, since removed from the social platform, where Boswell claims she and Loofe drove around and smoked marijuana during their time together. Boswell claimed that on the night of Loofe’s disappearance, she dropped her off at a friend’s house, and never heard from her again.

In recent conversations with the Omaha World-Herald, Trail instead took full responsibility for Loofe’s death, claiming that Boswell was unconscious and on drugs in another room at the time it happened.

“A life for a life—that’s the rules in my world,” he said. “I should be put to death.”

Loofe’s family reported her missing on November 16, and her body was found on December 4. Trail and Boswell fled the state after Loofe’s disappearance and were apprehended weeks later in Missouri.

“Try me. Charge me. Let’s get justice for Sydney Loofe,” Trail proclaimed.


[Feature image: Sydney Loofe/Lincoln Police Department]