Chef allegedly slices off ex’s head after she turned him down for sex: Reports

A Ukranian woman is dead in what authorities claim was a brutal attack in retaliation for her refusal of the suspect’s sexual advances.

According to The Sun, the bloody body of 29-year-old Anna Ergievawas was found in the bedroom of her home in Odessa by her parents, who visited out of concern after a number of phone calls went unanswered.

“She was lying on the floor decapitated,” said her father, Valeriy Ergiev, according to local news reports. “She was covered in blood.”

Her head had reportedly still not been recovered as of the latest reports available.

A local chef is facing charges in connection to the crime, according to the Daily Mail.

Police say he became violent with arresting officers, slashing at them and his own wrists with a knife.

Following his arrest, the man allegedly confessed to shooting Ergiev in her head after she said she did not want to have sex with him. The suspect’s visit reportedly came after the two had been communicating online for a period of time.

He reportedly said he removed her head in an attempt to prevent authorities from recovering the bullet.

Along with her head, the suspect allegedly removed jewelry from the home and put it all in a bag before burying it.

According to police spokesperson Ruslan Forostyak, an “alarm button” was found at the scene alongside Ergiev’s body.

“It seems the victim made an attempt to call for help, but was murdered before pushing the button,” he said.

The suspect was not identified by news outlets, though he reportedly faces a life sentence if convicted of the crime.

[Featured image: Anna Ergiev/Facebook]