Tuesday Crime Stories: Twin girls Dannette and Jeanette vanish from Augusta

The disappearance of twin sisters Dannette and Jeannette Millbrooks from their Augusta, Georgia, neighborhood on March 18, 1990, remains a mystery, but their sister is not giving up in the search for answers. Shanta Sturgis shares with Nancy Grace in this “Crime Stories” episode her family’s frustration with the lack of investigation and attention to their case.

There is renewed hope as podcasters have taken up the story, helping to raise reward money and publicity that could prompt witnesses to come forward. Laurah Norton and Brooke Hargrove, hosts of the “Fall Line” podcast join this discussion, along with “UnResolved” podcast host Michael Whelan.

A vigil is planned for Sunday March 18, 2018, to mark the 28th anniversary of the Millbrooks twins’ disappearance — at the same gas station where they were last seen. The twins family said they had never tried to have any event because they were “afraid nobody would show up.” You can learn more from this Facebook page dedicated to the case.

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[Feature Photo: Dannette and Jeannette Millbrooks/Family Handout]