Woman in jail for hiring hitman to kill ex-husband tries to hire ANOTHER HITMAN to kill the first hitman

A Utah senior citizen was accused of attempting to hire a hit man for the third time Friday, the same day a jury found her guilty of criminal solicitation for a previous murder-for-hire plot.

According to the Washington Post, Linda Tracy Gillman, 70, was convicted of attempting to hire Christian Olsen, who was a tenant of hers, to have her ex-husband Duane Gillman and his current wife killed. In charges brought in December 2016, Gillman allegedly paid Olsen $5,000, and promised him another $100,000 for making Mr. Gillman’s death appear accidental so she could then collect a life insurance payment. Olsen instead went to police with his story and Gillman was arrested.

In February 2017, an inmate housed with Gillman at the Salt Lake City County jail reportedly accused her of attempting to arrange Olsen’s murder for acting as a witness and snitching on her.

Last Friday, a jury convicted Gillman of the original crime of arranging for a hit man to kill her ex-husband and his wife. That same day, she was charged with two new counts of criminal solicitation and two counts of obstructing justice for making arrangements with yet another person whose bail she would pay in exchange for the destruction of evidence and two murders.

The unidentified person was tasked with killing Olsen and an attorney named Brady Gibbs who represented the opposition in a civil case Gillman lost, in which she was sued for nonpayment in the amount of $1,864.

Recordings made of Gillman discussing plans for the original crimes of the murder of her ex-husband and his wife were played for the jury during the trial, and included such phrases as “eliminating a witness,” “taking her out,” and having “two homicides on our hands.” The defense argued that Olsen manipulated the elderly Gillman woman for money.

Gillman will be sentenced on April 23, and faces anywhere from five years to life in prison.


[Feature image: Linda Tracy Gillman/Salt Lake County Sheriff]