Man fatally shoots neighbor as he tries to save her from dog attack: Cops

Michigan authorities are pursuing charges against a Detroit man accused of fatally shooting his neighbor last year in an ill-advised attempt to stop an aggressive dog that was mauling her at the time.

According to WDIV, 61-year-old Michael Lewis Williams is expected to face charges of careless discharge of a weapon causing injury or death in connection with his actions on Oct. 9.

Reports indicate Patricia Ann Cosby, 55, was walking near her home on that day when a dog ran toward her and began attacking her.

When she called for help, Williams allegedly retrieved a firearm and began shooting in the direction of Cosby and the dog in an apparent attempt to kill the animal. His shots hit the woman, however, and she ultimately died from her injuries after attempts by first responders to revive her at the scene.

“He fired an unknown number of shots to try to stop the attack,” Detroit Police Capt. Darin Szilagy said at the time. “Unfortunately, during that action, the woman was struck.”

According to WMAQ, Williams had an active license allowing him to carry a concealed weapon at the time of the shooting.

Police did not immediately locate the dog, which they believed to be a stray animal.

“We do believe that dog may have been wounded and we have been canvassing the area to try to do due diligence to locate this animal,” Szilagy said.

Williams is expected to appear in court on Friday to be arraigned on the criminal count against him.

[Featured image: Pixabay]