Parents desperate for answers after son vanishes, leaving behind car keys and backpack

Police in Cobb County, Georgia are asking the public for assistance with any information that leads to the whereabouts of a man who vanished on March 9 while possibly hiking in Kennesaw.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that 25-year-old David Blake’s car was found in an parking lot off of Old Highway 41. Investigators found his keys inside a cup holder in the car, and initially thought he had walked up to the Kennesaw National Battlefield Park for a hike. Yet, a search and rescue team, along with dogs, searched all over the park, including remote areas, and couldn’t find him.

According to Blake’s mother, Neill, nothing seemed amiss when she saw him a few days before he vanished. She said he’s generally an easy-going, laid back person, and the last day she saw him was no different. Other members of his family, including his dad and brother, said Blake simply disappearing is totally out of character.

MISSING PERSON: Please see information below. If you have any information please contact Cobb County Police.

Posted by Cobb County Police Department on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


“No one, roommates, coworkers, family had no inkling we would be standing here,” said Blake’s father, David.

Blake’s family indicated that he’s a hiking enthusiast whose walked numerous trails and is extremely familiar the park. He also isn’t into drinking, partying, or any high-risk behavior or illegal activities. In fact, his family refer to him as “boring.”

“All they [Blake and his roommates] do is stay up till 3 a.m. playing their video games, watching movies, no indication anything was going on from that perspective,” Blake’s brother, Stuart, said.

Since last Thursday, there’s been no activity on Blake’s phone. He failed to show up for work at his scheduled shift and no one who knows him has heard from him. Further, authorities noted that Blake left his hiking backpack in his car, something he would never do before he ventured out on a hiking trip.

Anyone with any information about Blake’s whereabouts is urged to contact 911.

[Feature Photo: David Blake/Handout]