United flight diverted because pet ‘mistakenly’ put on plane

A United flight headed to St. Louis was diverted to Akron, Ohio, after the airline mistakenly loaded a pet onto the flight.

ABC News reports that a flight departing Newark airport was diverted after the airline learned that a pet had mistakenly placed on the flight. United Airlines confirmed the incident to the news station, which did not identify the type of animal or indicate if the pet was loaded into cargo or brought into the main cabin.

The airline reportedly compensated the passengers on the diverted flight.

Thursday’s incident is the airline’s third just this week involving animals. On Monday night, a French Bulldog puppy died after a flight attendant reportedly demanded the its owner put the dog carrier into an overhead bin. The flight attendant later insisted that she did not understand that an animal was inside the bag.

And on Tuesday, United mixed up the flight itineraries of two dogs flying in cargo, sending one to Japan that was meant to go to Kansas City. The airline flew the animal back to the U.S. in a private plane, and the dog’s owner reportedly plans to sue.


[Feature image: Associated Press]