‘Why didn’t I do anything?’: Victim beaten by pro baseball player speaks out after refusing to press charges

The woman on the receiving end of a beating by her former boyfriend regrets not filing charges against him after watching surveillance footage of the incident, released to the public early this week.

Caller Times reports that 21-year-old Fabiana Perez once thought 24-year-old former pro baseball outfielder Danry Vasquez was her soulmate. Yet, in August 2016, the man Perez thought she would marry smacked her brutally several times while they stood in the stairway of the Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Perez recently watched the video and explained that after seeing it, a flood of feelings washed over, making her regret the decision to not press charges against him.

“I watched this video and think to myself, how could I ever let this happen to me? Why didn’t I do anything?” Perez said in an interview with Univision.

The couple had been together for around six years when the incident occurred. They broke up a few months later, but Perez refused to work with investigators on pressing charges against Vasquez, leaving authorities no option but to eventually drop the case after Vasquez completed a behavior modification program.

According to the police report, Vasquez became upset with Perez greeted and hugged a team staffer, then took his anger out on her by hitting her mercilessly. The former Corpus Christi Hooks player then threatened to take his own life after he hit Perez, and later sped out of the Whataburger Field parking lot, smashing into another car in the parking lot along the way.

Vasquez, who most recently played for the Lancaster Barnstormers, was dropped from the team on Tuesday after the media requested release of the video through open records request.

Last week, Vasquez completed the behavior modification courses and the charges against him were dropped. Afterward, he said he regretted what he did. He recently married a different woman.

Meanwhile, Perez, who has no contact with Vasquez anymore, advised others in relationships to always maintain mutual respect for each other through communication and values.

“May God forgive him, only he knows what he did. If I had the conscience I have now, I would have made another decision. When there is a lack of mutual respect, things change, things get out of control. That’s why you always have to maintain respect, values [and] communication in a relationship.”

Warning: Violence in Video

[Feature Photo: Danry Vasquez/Corpus Christi Police Department, Fabiana Perez/Facebook]