Suspect in ex’s disappearance shot dead during armed standoff with SWAT officers: Police

Authorities in Tennessee fatally shot a suspect in the disappearance of an area woman following a lengthy standoff.

According to WZTV, SWAT officers surrounded a residence in Clarksville, where they attempted to establish communication with 49-year-old James Vaughn.

The suspect was wanted in connection to the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend when investigators arrived at the scene Friday and found him barricaded within an apartment unit.

Individuals living in the area were reportedly evacuated as the situation unfolded.

Vaughn would not acknowledge their requests for a dialogue and retreated further within the apartment, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Clarksville police responded to the scene to investigate and were later joined by TBI agents.

Reports indicate the suspect did not live at the apartment complex, but knew the individual who lived at the location.

The standoff lasted for several hours, coming to a conclusion Friday evening some time after officers forced their way inside and Vaughn allegedly began shooting at them.

At that time, they did not return fire, opting to stage another breach later in the day. The later attempt began with the deployment of tear-gas canisters inside the apartment.

Shortly thereafter, officers reportedly determined Vaughn had at least two guns trained on them and they made the decision to fire on him, leading to his death.

According to WSMV, Vaughn’s extensive criminal record includes a 1995 conviction for voluntary manslaughter.

Police withheld details about the missing person report, including the woman’s name, that led to the standoff.

[Featured image: WSMV/video screenshot]