Bedridden woman’s husband and son let her DECOMPOSE alive, covered in feces and crawling with roaches and maggots: Cops

Authorities in Georgia have arrested two suspects believed to have allowed a disabled woman in their care to live in horrific conditions.

According to WXIA, Gwinnett firefighters responded to the woman’s home after receiving a report of an unconscious person at the location.

Upon their arrival, first responders reportedly found the same woman they had helped move about a month earlier.

She had become immobile due to her large size, according to authorities, and had be relocated with a tarp.

At the time firefighters were called back to the same location on March 15, the woman was allegedly still lying on the same tarp, which had become completely soiled with feces.

Her legs had begun to decompose, police say, and her body was infested with roaches and maggots.

The woman’s condition is unclear from the latest reports available, but police reports indicate responding firefighters “did not believe she would live much longer and felt a moral obligation to report this.”

The woman’s caretakers were her husband, Terry Sorrell, and son, Christian Sorrell. They were both arrested on suspicion of neglect of a disabled or elderly person.

In addition to the woman’s immediate surroundings, the entire home was reportedly covered in trash.

As the New York Post reported, one responding officer recalled being “overwhelmed with the smell of human feces and garbage” upon entering the residence.

Christian Sorrell reportedly told authorities that his mother had been bedridden for two years, adding that the entire family was unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

[Featured image: Terry Sorrell and Christian Sorrell/Gwinnett County Police]