Friend and fellow crime fighter, death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan and family left homeless after a tornado rips through, destroying home

“Our friend and fellow crime fighter, death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan and his family have been left homeless after a tornado ripped through and destroyed their home this past week. He is our friend and he needs us now. Please help if you can.” –Nancy Grace

Crime scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan regularly volunteers his time and expertise to CrimeOnline and “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.” He offers invaluable insight and advice that has helped countless victims and their families. Now, he needs our help.

On March 19, a tornado ripped through Jacksonville, Alabama, destroying Morgan’s home, leaving his family, including his wife and son, without any of their belongings. Morgan’s friend Keith Schulenberg created a GoFundMe page to help Morgan out, who recently welcomed his first grandson into the world.

Posted by Joseph Scott Morgan on Tuesday, March 20, 2018


“For those who don’t know his backstory, Joseph is a former medicolegal death investigator. In his book, ‘Blood Beneath My Feet: The Journey of a Southern Death Investigator,’ Joseph details the grim scenes he witnessed as a death investigator in New Orleans and Atlanta,” Schulenberg wrote. “Years of dealing with these horrors took an immense emotional toll, and Joseph eventually was  forced to leave his job after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. Joseph pulled himself out of the abyss, and went on to a career in academics.”


[Photo: Joseph Scott Morgan]

“Because he is so self-effacing, Joseph would never approach others for financial help in his current situation. It’s up to us to step forward and give him that help, which he so richly deserves in this time of need. Any amount you can give will be deeply appreciated.

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Fundraiser for Joseph Scott Morgan an Family 

[Feature Photo: Joseph Scott Morgan and Family/GoFundMe]