Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt planned to blow up crowded McDonald’s: ‘I wish I were sorry but I’m not’

Sources with knowledge of the recorded confession left behind by Austin bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt say he described himself as a remorseless psychopath.

The suspect died early Wednesday morning when he detonated an explosive in his vehicle as police were closing in on him. An officer fired at Conditt after the suspect blew up his car, and investigators are still working to determine Conditt’s precise cause of death.

The Austin Statesman reportedly spoke to sources close to the investigation who had heard the audio recording Conditt left behind. In the recording, he reportedly described himself as a “psychopath” and said he had been disturbed since he was a child.

“I wish I were sorry but I am not,” Conditt reportedly said.

The law enforcement sources, who were not authorized to speak to the media, told the Austin Statesman that Conditt is believed to have made other recordings which may have been on a laptop that was destroyed when he blew up his car.

According to the sources, Conditt said he would blow himself up in a crowded McDonald’s if the thought authorities were closing in on him. The recording was made just after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, and the suspect indicated that he was aware he was a suspect by that point. He reportedly said he blamed himself for sending packages from a FedEx location where both he and his vehicle were caught on surveillance camera.

The suspect reportedly said little about the victims he killed and injured in the serial bombing and did not reveal a reason why particular individuals or places may have been targeted.


[Feature image: Mark Anthony Conditt/Facebook]