Couple has sex on playground in front of 11 kids, then claim they didn’t know it was illegal: Police

An Ohio man and woman were arrested on Sunday after police say the pair had sex at a playground in front of numerous children and adults.

ABC5 reports that Jacoby Schmidt, 23, and Ashley Carrelli, 22, reportedly had sex at a campus playground on the Walker Elementary School, off of Sandy Avenue in Canton. The incident reportedly occurred around 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, while at least 11 children and several adults were close enough to witness the event.

According to the police report, Carrelli was completely nude aside from a blanket wrapped around her. A few people at the park approached the couple and asked them to stop, but allegedly, Carelli responded by exposing her breasts to them.

Police said Schmidt was naked from his waist down. Cans of Bud Light beer were found littered on the ground around the couple. They reportedly admitted to drinking beer while at the playground.

Both Schmidt and Carrelli were charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct and booked into Stark County Jail. According to authorities, the pair claimed they didn’t know having sex on a playground was illegal. They also reportedly said they didn’t think that any children saw them, although kids were less than 100 feet away from them.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Jacoby Schmidt and Ashley Carrelli/Stark County Police Department]