Man records his own beating when wife becomes violent over forgotten anniversary: Cops

A Florida man reportedly made a painful mistake by failing to mark his wedding anniversary on his calendar.

According to the New York Post, 35-year-old Carol Stone was arrested after she became violent upon learning that her husband forgot what she hoped would be a special celebration.

Instead, she is facing charges and her husband is on the mend.

The alleged victim, who was not named in initial media reports, reportedly captured video of his own beating with his cellphone as Stone hit him repeatedly.

As WVTV reported, police confirmed he was left with red marks and scratches as a result of the incident.

The husband, who was subsequently identified as 41-year-old Ronnie William Alexander, reportedly handed over the evidence to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Both the husband and wife apparently agree over the impetus of the alleged domestic assault, according to authorities.

Reports indicate he told deputies that an argument broke out shortly after he acknowledged forgetting his anniversary.

During questioning, police say Stone similarly pointed to that incident when confessing to smacking him “multiple times” in his head and face.

She has been arrested and is expected to face charges of domestic battery.

Stone was booked into custody at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center in Central Florida and was later released on $150 bond, according to the Miami Herald

[Featured image: Carol Stone/Florida Department of Corrections]