Mother of 3 disappears after taking phone call in alley near local bar: Cops

A Colorado woman is the subject of an expanding search days after she was last seen leaving a bar in Longmont.

According to the New York Post, 34-year-old Rita Gutierrez-Garcia, a mother of three, was celebrating St. Patrick’s day at 3’s Bar and was seen in a nearby alley around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

Authorities say the individuals she was with at the time left without her and her family says they have not heard from her since.

Longmont Dept. Police Chief Jeff Satur said Gutierrez-Garcia “was on the phone” when she told her friends she would find another ride home.

“They left and they haven’t seen her since,” he said.

The missing woman’s family has issued public pleas for her to return home for the sake of her three boys, ages 9, 13 and 18, and the rest of her loved ones, as reported by the Longmont Times-Call.

“She’s my daughter and I just need her back home,” said her mother, Diane, in a news conference earlier this week. “I need the inside of me that’s just going crazy to stop.”

Michelle Young, a neighbor, said Gutierrez-Garcia is not the type of person to leave her family without notice.

“Her phone is not on and she’s not responding to any family and stuff like that,” Young said. “That’s really scary.”

Authorities are hoping a tip from the public will help lead them to the missing mother. According to Satur, investigators are “exploring all the avenues” at their disposal in their effort to find Gutierrez-Garcia.

Anyone with possible information related to her whereabouts is urged to contact police at 303-651-8501.

[Featured image: Rita Gutierrez-Garcia Longmont Fire, Police and OEM]