MISSING: Silver Alert issued for teen girl with cognitive impairment who disappeared 3 weeks ago

A North Carolina teen with a cognitive impairment has been missing for three weeks and her parents are desperate for answers. The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office issued a Silver Alert for the teen earlier this month.

WITN reports that 15-year-old Alaycia “Lacy” Williams disappeared from Bethel, North Carolina, on March 2 at close to 10:15 a.m. She was last seen at North Pitt High School. The school has surveillance cameras, but at the time Lacy disappeared, the outside camera didn’t pick up her leaving or who she left with.

The school is fully cooperating with authorities and handed over all surveillance videos.

Posted by Lakeya Glover on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Lacy’s father, Jeffrey Warren, said that Lacy didn’t have permission to use a cellphone but somehow got access to one, and started communicating with the person who likely picked her up from school. Warren doesn’t know who the person is, but someone told them Lacy was spotted in Chicago. Warren and Lacy’s mother, Keyetta Williams, went to Chicago two weeks ago but had no luck in finding their daughter.

“With her being 15, even if she left willingly, she can’t consent to it and none of the proper procedures at the school were followed, let alone being taken out of state,” Warren told WITN.

Lacy, a black female, was last seen wearing black pants, a dark green jacket, and a white shirt. She stands five feet nine and weighs around 115 pounds.

Anyone who has information about Williams is asked to please call the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office at 252-830-4141.

[Feature Photo: Lacy Williams/Handout]