Volunteers cleaning up near lake discover HUMAN HEAD in bag minutes after finding gun: Reports

Two volunteers working to clean up an area near a Texas lake last week made a gruesome discovery in a plastic bag found at the scene.

According to Fox News, a mother and her daughter were working at Lake Houston on Friday when the younger volunteer found a human head inside of a bag.

Roger Randall of Texas Adaptive Aquatics said they were two of about 300 volunteers at the lake that day.

“It was a young lady, her and her mom were out helping clean up and she was picking the trash and found a bag, a plastic bag and it was pretty heavy and she picked it up and found that it was a human head with hair,” he said.

As KRIV reported, Houston homicide detective Andrew Barr said the agency is working to identify the deceased individual.

“I’m here, we’ll work with medical examiner’s office to identify the remains and who they belong to and then we will go with our missing persons database and go that route of missing persons in the area,” he said.

Volunteers working at the lake say the severed head appeared to have come from a young woman with red hair.

Randall said it was not the only startling discovery made by a volunteer that day.

“One of them found a gun this morning and then about 20 minutes later, someone found a head, a human head,” he said.

Investigators did not indicate whether the recovered firearm was believed to be related to the human remains found nearby.

[Featured image: KRIV/video screenshot]