Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt’s roommate is a person of interest

The housemate of the man suspected of killing two people in a series of bombings in Austin is a person of interest in the investigation, authorities have confirmed.

Fox News reports that Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said that the roommate, an unidentified man in his 20s, has been identified as a person of interest.

“I would say at this point, a person of interest is being questioned,” McCaul told Fox News.

McCaul reportedly said that investigators are working to determine if the roommate was aware that Conditt was making bombs at their Pflugerville home.

Two people died and at least five more were injured after Conditt sent three package bombs to homes in Austin and set up a tripwire bomb at an intersection in the city.

Authorities used surveillance video to help track down the suspect, who blew his car up as police closed in on him early Wednesday morning, and was killed.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Conditt left behind a recorded confession taking responsibility for the bombings.

McCaul did not indicate that the roommate is suspected of having any role beyond a possible failure to report what he may have witnessed.

“If you have knowledge of someone doing something like this, making bombs, and bombing the community and terrorizing the community, you have an obligation, a duty to report that,” McCaul told Fox News.

“If not, you have knowledge and you’re complicit with the conspiracy.”


[Feature image: Mark Antony Conditt/Facebook]