Thursday Crime Stories: Tot Mom Casey Anthony can’t keep her stories straight

PLUS: Machete man goes for tots in Walmart

The Casey Anthony trial is one of the most sensational cases of this century and it is also the first to be debated by Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams in their new A&E TV show, “Grace vs. Abrams.” Grace assembles a panel of Casey Anthony experts for this Crime Stories episode to talk about Tot Mom. It includes Los Angeles lawyer Troy Slaten, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, crime scene investigator Sheryl McCollum, WSB Radio reporter Robyn Walensky and WFLA-TV reporter Meredyth Censullo.

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Nancy is also joined by Kenner, Louisiana, Police Lt. Brian McGregor to explore a scary attack in a Walmart. A man armed with a machete tried to kidnap two children at the superstore’s checkout line, but a determined mom and brave store workers stopped him.

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[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony/Police Handout]