Mom takes saw to autistic son’s neck, claims he ‘needed to die’ before he became ‘burden to society’: Cops

A Maryland mother who said she was “overwhelmed” at the prospect of raising two autistic children reportedly told hospital staff that she “tried to kill her kids again” upon arriving earlier this month with an injured 11-year-old son, according to reports.

The Miami Herald indicates 46-year-old Kristina Petrie arrived at an Olney medical center on March 12 after attacking her son with a saw.

Authorities claim the suspect was armed with a bow saw when she approached the boy to find out why he was not completing his homework assignments.

From there, Petrie allegedly “jammed” the teeth of the weapon against her son’s neck, working it back and forth until it broke his skin and caused multiple cuts.

Though his injuries were not severe, authorities say the suspect’s husband took the boy and his wife to the hospital.

According to the mother’s attorney, she did not intend to harm her child.

Among the reasons she allegedly gave hospital staff for the attack, according to court documents, were her own feelings of inadequacy over having “not done enough to help her children with autism.”

She reportedly said her children “needed to die” or they would grow up to become “a burden to society” due to their developmental delays.

According to neighbors, Petrie comes across as a “lovely, stay-at-home mom” while her husband is a typical “white-collar professional.”

Petrie has since been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and child abuse. Her next court date is set for April 20.

[Featured image: Kristina Petrie/Montgomery County Police Department]