Tot Mom Casey Anthony wants people to ‘move on’ as she shrugs off latest interest in her case: Report

On Thursday’s premiere of “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48,” prosecutor Marcia Clark traveled to Florida to investigate the decade-old death of Caylee Anthony, but it’s something the child’s mother, Casey Anthony, reportedly wants the world to move on from.

“Casey sees all the talk about her case as ancient history,” a source who knows Anthony told People. “She has moved on, and she wishes everyone else would move on, too.”

The last time Anthony opened up publicly about her notorious case was in a 2017 interview with the Associated Press, in which she adamantly denied having any involvement in her daughter’s death. Caylee was just a 3-year-old when she was found dead near her grandparents’ home in Orlando, Florida. Anthony was by large considered the prime suspect in the case after she failed to report her daughter missing for close to a month and was caught in several lies.

Regardless, with reported new evidence uncovered in the case, it doesn’t look like the case will be forgotten about anytime soon. According to Clark, a computer forensics expert uncovered Anthony’s 2008 Internet  for “fool-proof suffocation,” which was never presented to the jury. The time the search was conducted was at a time when only Anthony was at home at her parents’ residence in Orlando, Clark said.

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Initially, a computer forensics expert for Anthony’s defense team reportedly had the wrong time stamp of the search, which placed Anthony’s father, George, alone in the home. With the corrected time stamp, Clark said it placed only person in the home: Casey Anthony.

“The program that the defense attorney’s expert used was incorrect as to the time stamp. And that it wasn’t 1:51 when the search was done, it was 2:51 — at which point we know based on cellphone pings that George Anthony was at work, he was not at home. And that the only person who was at home when ‘foolproof suffocation’ was searched for was Casey Anthony. A pretty big deal.”

Despite Anthony’s alleged wish for everyone to “move on,” Clark indicated that if there is truth out there that hasn’t been uncovered, the public has the right to know.

“It’s important to get that truth without spin and without bias,” Clark told the Daily Beast. “These cases have engendered their fair share of both. So many people think it was a miscarriage of justice when Casey was acquitted, and it’s important to find out if that’s true or not.”

[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony via AP/Joshua Replogle]