Watch: Man pulls gun on cop during traffic stop, gets shot dead [Warning: Graphic Video]

A Texas police officer reportedly took deadly force on at a traffic stop in Pasadena on Thursday after a driver got out of his vehicle and took shots at him.

Click 2 Houston reports that according to authorities, Pasadena police officer Marc Adams, 40, signaled for a man driving a white Nissan Altima to pull over on Thursday afternoon, during a routine traffic stop at the intersection of Spooner Street and Southmore Avenue. The incident, caught on police dash cam footage, shows the officer ordering the suspect to remain in his car. Within seconds, however, the man, whose name is unknown at this time, exited his vehicle, crouched into “shooting position”¬† and pointed what appeared to be a handgun at Adams.

Adams, warned the man again to stay in his vehicle before exchanging gunfire, fatally injuring him. Multiple angle views of surveillance footage were released after the incident, which shows the man crouching down and pointing a gun at the officer before staggering away from his car and pointing his gun at the officer again. It’s still unclear if he actually fired any shots at Adams.

“He gets out of the vehicle, turns partially so he’s facing back towards the officer. At one point his hand reaches down, his right hand behind his back, and then he produces a weapon, brings it up, both hands in a shooting stance parallel to the ground, pointing it at the officer,”¬†Pasadena Police Department Asst. Chief Josh Bruegger said

Adams is currently on standard administrative leave while the incident is under investigation.

“He’s obviously shaken up. Anytime an officer is placed in a position where he has to take somebody’s life it’s a stressful situation,” Bruegger said. “It’s unfortunate the officer was placed in the position but, when the suspect points a weapon directly at the officer the officer really has no choice but to defend himself.”

The suspect’s gun was found beside his body, according to ABC.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

WARNING: Graphic Footage

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/Pasadena PD]