Boys, 12 and 14, try to steal Domino’s delivery car but can’t figure out stick shift: Cops

Authorities in Florida have arrested two boys on suspicion of attempted vehicle theft after the suspects were allegedly unable to operate the targeted car’s manual transmission.

According to Fox News, 14-year-old Rojelio Sebastian and 12-year-old Miguel Garcia set their sights on a pizza delivery vehicle Friday when its driver, Isaac Javier Ortez, left it idling in the driveway.

As the Domino’s employee reportedly told police, the resident who opened the door upon his attempted delivery said no one at the home ordered a pizza.

Around the same time, he said he heard “a big noise” near his car and looked back to spot two individuals with their faces covered in an apparent attempt to flee the scene.

Shortly after that, officers spotted two boys walking nearby. When Ortiz identified them as the same individuals he saw near his vehicle, they were arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto and possession of burglary tools.

Paraphernalia police say they found in Garcia’s possession led to an additional pending drug-related charge against him. Several months ago, he was cited by police for allegedly improperly operating his mother’s vehicle without a license.

“They look like little kids,” Ortiz said of the suspects. “I say they look like babies.”

Though the suspects managed to shift the car into reverse, Ortiz claimed that they became frustrated with the stick shift and eventually thought better of their plan.

“When they go back to get the first gear, they cannot drive,” he said.

[Featured image: Miguel Garcia and Rojelio Sebastian/Lee County Sheriff’s Office]