Alleged ‘bully’ superintendent Lance Hindt accused of cracking man’s skull, ribs & leaving him ‘in a coma’: Report

Additional details continue to emerge against a Texas school superintendent who was accused last month of being a relentless bully when he was in school himself.

FOX 26 uncovered court documents dating back to 1983 that indicate Lance Hindt, the current superintendent of Katy ISD, was involved in an assault incident that reportedly left a man almost dead. The incident resurfaced after a former classmate accused Hindt of being a middle school bully.

As CrimeOnline previously reportedly, Hindt was called out last month when former middle school classmate Greg Barrett stood up at a Katy ISD board meeting during an open forums session in March to address current school bullying issues. Barrett surprised the board by announcing his childhood tormenter when he was in school was none other that the school district’s superintendent.

“I started in 1975 with Mr. Lance. My legal name is Greg Gay. One day at lunch, I had my head shoved in a urinal, where it busted my lip. I had laid on the ground in the fetal position as the kids kicked me…….Lance, you were the one that shoved my head in the urinal.”

The bullying was so traumatic, according to Barrett, that he once went home and pulled out his father’s gun, intent on killing himself. He claimed he told teachers at the school, but they never helped him, which left him desperate enough to contemplate taking his own life. Barrett’s speech, caught on camera, quickly started trending online (see video below).

Hindt, who laughed nervously after the confrontation, adamantly denied the accusations and said he didn’t even know Barrett in middle school. Afterward, another former student who attended middle school with Barrett and Hindt, came forward and backed Barrett’s claims.

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William Stein was one of the several people to speak out against Hindt following Barrett’s allegations. Stein told FOX 26 that the 1983 road rage incident left him with a dislocated shoulder, three broken ribs, and a fracture skull after Hindt allegedly beat him up. Stein said Hindt brutally beat him after he told the superintendent he was driving his car too fast down an alley where neighborhood kids played.

A deposition states that Hindt admitted to knocking Stein out and leaving him in an alley, but criminal charges were dropped after the pair agreed upon five-figure settlement amount against Hindt.

“They told my wife there’s a 90 percent chance I wouldn’t come out of that coma,” Stein said, who revealed he’s been waiting decades for a reporter to call him and ask him about that what happened.

FOX 26 reached out to Katy ISD to inquire whether they knew about the incident. President of the Katy ISD school board, Ashley Vann, wrote that since “the 1983 civil case was fully and finally dismissed, after litigation,” they stand behind Hindt as superintendent.

CrimeOnline reached out to Hindt for comment but he wasn’t readily available.

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