Murderer who brutally beat & strangled a mother to death released after serving only half his sentence

A convicted killer who strangled a mother to death in Cardiff, England, was released from prison last month after serving half of his sentence, and apparently spotted in designer clothing and driving a new car.

The Sun reports that Christopher Jones, 21 at the time, was convicted of killing 42-year-old Shirley Oliver in 2005 when she accepted a ride from him after a night out in Cardiff. Jones and his brother, Stuart Jones, attacked Oliver from as she rode passenger in the car.

According to court documents, the killers broke almost every bone in Oliver’s body after they hit her with a lock, dragged her out of the car, stomped on her, and pulled her hair. A medical examiner indicated that the beating was so brutal that an exact cause of death couldn’t be determined.

Christopher Jones was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison, with supposedly at least 15 years served before parole consideration. Local reporters spotted Jones out of prison for a “day out” shortly before his early parole date neared, driving a late model Honda Civic and wearing “designer gear.”

“How can someone serving life be allowed to pop out of jail to buy a car? It’s wrong,” the victim’s daughter, Stephanie Davis, 34, said. “The system gives no support and the only protection they care of is for this murdering piece of scum.”

The motive, although not proven, seems to have revolved around an unpaid auto repair bill of around $400.

Oliver met the Jones brothers years before her death when her daughter began a relationship with their other brother, Matthew. After having a child together, the relationship ended and Stephanie Davis moved out of their shared home. Shortly after, Christopher and Stuart Jones ran into Oliver in Cardiff at a night club.

Although Christopher Jones initially denied any part of the murder and claimed he was driving when the incident happened, evidence that included his shoe print on Oliver’s back proved otherwise.

Daily Mail reports that Stuart Jones is still in prison for Oliver’s murder but will likely be paroled by 2020.

“Vile where is your compassion. Justice system is a total joke…total let down [sic],” Davis added.

[Feature Photo: Christopher Jones, Shirley Oliver/Police Handout]