Attorney and cop accused of sexually assaulting a teen while on duty are in a romantic relationship: Prosecutors

A junior assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York, is accused carried on a romantic relationship with a disgraced police detective—while her office was investigating him for allegedly sexually assaulting a teen on duty.

According to the New York Post, Nicole Manini, 34, finds herself now under investigation “for potentially violating professional conduct rules for New York lawyers.” Her purported lover, former NYPD narcotics detective Richard Hall, 33, is accused of assaulting a handcuffed teen inside a police van with his partner Eddie Martins on Sept. 15 of last year.

Investigators on the assault case reportedly discovered text messages and numerous calls between Manini and Hall while reviewing his cell phone records, dating back before the alleged rape and continuing afterwards.

A Brooklyn DA spokesperson told the New York Post on Monday, “During our investigation of this case, we learned that a junior assistant district attorney in our office was engaged in an intimate relationship with defendant Hall and knew defendant Martins socially.”

“This ADA had no involvement in or access to the investigation or prosecution.”

The accuser, Anna Chambers, 18, reportedly said both detectives forced her to perform oral sex on them and one raped her after they arrested her for possession of pot and pills. Chambers alleges that the officers “asked her what she wanted to do to get out of the arrest.” Hall and Martins claim the sexual encounter with Chambers was consensual, though both men were fired for the incident.

The Brooklyn DA’s office reported Manini’s conduct to the Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh and Thirteenth Judicial Districts to investigate potential professional wrongdoing on her part. Manini appeared to head into work as per usual Tuesday.

Former Detective Hall is married with two children.

Both Hall and Martins are scheduled to appear before a judge later this week relating to the ongoing case. They each face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.