Principal arrested for sex with student after her tattoo is spotted in sex tape: Cops

The principal of a high school in Ohio is facing criminal charges after a sex tape emerged that allegedly showed her engaged in a sexual act with a 17-year-old student.

According to the New York Post, 39-year-old Courtney Alfred was arrested last week following a police report called in by the alleged victim.

Authorities claim the Education Alternatives student also possessed a video of the illegal tryst, which included one key detail used in identifying the suspect.

“He’s saying that he took video of them having sex and in that encounter, you see a tattoo,” said Bedford Deputy Police Chief Rick Suts.

After obtaining a search warrant to view the area of her body in question, police say they were able to match the tattoo to the one pictured in the video, according to WOIO.

According to police reports, the teen said he and Alfred first became intimate more than a year ago and that the relationship lasted for several months.

In addition to an improper sexual relationship, police allege the principal sent multiple text messages to the student and paid him in an effort to keep their relationship from her husband.

Suts shared with reporters some of the details the teen provided about the alleged affair.

“He says the relationship started when they were upstairs in the gym alone, that she kissed him on the mouth,” the police chief said.

In the months after that, he claimed “there had been numerous encounters in her van.”

Alfred appeared in court last week, where she pleaded not guilty and was released from police custody after posting $25,000 bond.

Though Education Alternatives did not provide a statement in response to this update, police indicate the school conducted an internal investigation and found no evidence that the principal acted inappropriately.

[Featured image: Courtney Alfred/Bedford Police]